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The Top Contributor Program is Google's recognition of the enthusiastic product experts that answer questions in Google Help Forums. This gifted group of Rising Stars and Top Contributors are the backbones of the Google community.

The key players of the Top Contributor Program

Top Contributor

This select group of Google product geniuses are the ones with all the answers in the Google Help Forums. In return for their help, they're rewarded with Google goodies.

Rising Star

These are up-and-comers earning their stripes by answering questions in the forum, so that they can build expertise and become Top Contributors.


These are experienced Top Contributors who advise Rising Stars, help forum newbies and discuss the Top Contributor Program with anyone interested in learning more.

What's it like to be a Top Contributor?

Hear first hand from some of our members on their experience and why it's important.

Why Top Contributors are important


What Top Contributors do